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Steroplast Hot & Cold Pack

Steroplast Hot & Cold Pack


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Ideal for use on a sports injury to help reduce the pain.

If a cold pack is used this will help to reduce the swelling, whereas if a hot pack is used this will assist in increasing circulation to the injured area.

Can be cooled in a freezer, and heated using boiling water or a microwave.

Non-toxic gel filling remains soft when frozen, enabling the pack to contour to the body.

Size: 13cm x 25cm

Hot Application - Microwave: Place gel pack into microwave for approximately 30 seconds on high temperature. After this time, check that the correct temperature has been reached. If not, further exposure should be in 15 second intervals. CAUTION: DO NOT OVERHEAT. Times are based on a 600W microwave. Adjust heating times to suit the power of your microwave.

Hot Application - Hot Water: Bring water to the boil, remove from heat and immerse the gel pack for approximately 4 - 10 minutes. After 4 minutes, check every 1 minute to see if the correct temperature has been reached.

Cold Application: Store in the freezer so that the pack is ready to use in case of injury. Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze gel.

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