Service, Calibration & Repair

Our experienced service engineers have been manufacturer trained and certified, in Europe and the USA. With over 50 years combined experience serving the physiotherapy profession, we have vast knowledge in dealing with all types and makes of physiotherapy equipment.

We carry out regular planned preventative maintenance/service work on behalf of NHS Hospitals, Private Practices, Sporting, Government and Industrial Organisations.

We utilise the best in medical safety testing equipment and manufacturer approved service test adapters.

Our field service engineers can visit your site, or devices can be sent to our Manchester UK workshop facility.

Regular maintenance, output calibration, medical electrical safety testing to BS EN60601 / BS EN 62353:2014 and minor repairs are all completed during a planned preventative maintenance visit. Service reports are generated on-site.

Physiotherapy products our engineers maintain include Ultrasound, Electrotherapy Devices (Interferential, Muscle Stimulation, EMG Biofeedback), Shockwave, Shortwave, Laser, Treatment Couches, CPM devices and Exercise Equipment.

This form of maintenance ensures your physiotherapy equipment is kept to its maximum performance ensuring safe operation and accurate outputs.

To learn more, or if you require a quotation for service or repair work, please contact us, or visit our service website

Therapeutic Ultrasound Service & Calibration

Utilising manufacturer approved ultrasound power measurement devices, we can service and calibrate your therapeutic ultrasound machine, ensuring expected dosages delivered to the patient are safe and true.

Interferential & Stimulator Service & Calibration

Our patient dummy loads, oscilloscopes and digital test meters can ensure the output of Interferential and Muscle Stimulation devices to be within specification, and that all patient applied leads and electrodes are in good working order.

Shockwave Service

Experienced, manufacturer trained service engineers can keep your Shockwave in peak condition, with appropriate test equipment to verify internal pressures, clean and inspect the output stages, and replace wearing parts according to service schedules.

CPM Service & Calibration

After knee surgery, Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices can be used to help with range of motion. It is important that CPM's are well maintained. Part of a CPM service can include angle and force calibrations, cleaning internal parts, re-greasing drives and bearings where appropriate and integrity inspections.

Treatment Couch Service, Repairs and Re-Upholstery

The treatment couch is the backbone of most clinics - We fully service and maintain your hydraulic or electric treatment couches to help keep them in safe, reliable working order.

Our engineers are highly experienced with most treatment couch models available in the UK, through service arrangements at a vast number of private clinics and NHS Hospital service contracts.

As part of a service on a treatment couch, the general frame integrity is inspected, pivots are checked and lubricated, bolts and screws are checked, hydraulic rams and electronic actuators are tested, cables and switches are inspected, medical electrical safety tests are performed where appropriate, ratchets/gas struts are adjusted to ensure they are locking correctly, missing or damaged floor caps, floor levellers and frame caps are replaced, wheels and brakes are attended to, upholstered sections are inspected to ensure they are in good condition, with no damage to the patient supporting baseboards, and upholstery is inspected for tears/damage.

We offer an upholstery replacement service, where we can manufacture, supply and fit replacement upholstered sections for your treatment couch.