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Sporttape Taping Scissors

Sporttape Taping Scissors


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Make your kinesio tape applications, quicker, neater & last longer with our Sporttape scissors. Manufactured in Taiwan using Japanese Stainless Steel blades, they have been expertly crafted for precise cutting.

If you are a professional using Sporttape products on a regular basis, there really is no other choice. These scissors will allow you to cut the narrowest strips and perfectly rounded corners without fraying.

Taping 101: Round the corners if you want your applications to last. The sharp Japanese stainless steel blades make cutting corners simple.

Weighing in at just 45g, these lightweight scissors are fantastic for heavy use. Believe us, you'll appreciate this if you cut a lot of tape!

Thanks to the revolutionary Teflon Florin-Resin coating, the blades aren't affected by adhesives, making your last cut just as smooth as your first.

When cutting a fan for a Lymphatic application two thing are important, speed and clean edges. Thankfully the Sporttape Scissors allow for both.

Designed to fit the hand perfectly, the ergonomic shape of the handle makes them comfortable to use.

Sporttape discovered that a long blade is a hindrance. Therefore Sporttape designed the scissors with a shorter 100mm blade length for nimble cutting.

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