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NAQI Massage Lotion Sport - 5 Litres

NAQI Massage Lotion Sport - 5 Litres


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5 Litres of NAQI Massage Lotion Sport

An excellent oil-rich lotion for longer sports massage. To create exceptional lubrication properties NAQI® developed a lotion with very high quality components. Combined with cetearyl ethylhexanoate, this lotion achieves an exceptional lubrication but limits the greasy feeling. This combination results in a massage lotion that is extremely economic in use, easily washable and leaves no stains. The intensive use of massage lotion during sports massage requires a pleasant yet neutral hypoallergenic perfume. NAQI Massage Lotion Sport does not contain parabens nor formaldehyde releasers. Dermatologically tested.

Massage Lotions prevent the negative side effects of the mechanical handling of the skin during a massage. These lotions are hypoallergenic and easy to rinse off using water. NAQI® Massage Lotions are skin friendly oil/water emulsions with liquid crystals and the same pH-level as the skin. They are suitable for various applications and have specially-adapted gliding properties.

NAQI is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for all products manufactured. NAQI adhere to the most rigorous standards for product safety so that customers can purchase and use NAQI products with complete confidence.

NAQI complies with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (1993).

NAQI complies with the EC legislation on cosmetics : Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009.

Each and every ingredient used in NAQI products has been reviewed and tested.

Every product formulation that NAQI manufactures is screened and tested.

NAQI confidently and proudly stand behind each and every product sold, and pledge to always uphold the highest standards of safety for NAQI customers around the world.

NAQI: because your clients and your hands deserve the best possible care.

EAN: 5425029890350

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