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MoVeS Exercise Band Latex-Free

MoVeS Exercise Band Latex-Free

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Thanks to MVS In Motion's innovation and leadership in technology, a Latex-Free exercise band has been achieved with characteristics that were never before so close to the latex counterpart.

MoVeS Band Latex-Free is made from high quality thermoplastic elastomer and is considered the best latex free resistance exercise band on the market due to its amazing elasticity and linearity.

With an increasing demand for Latex-Free products due to allergic reactions associated to latex products, especially in the healthcare sector, "MVS In Motion" created a Latex-Free exercise band. With an exceptional ‘resistance vs. elongation’ linearity, we are confident our MoVeS Latex-Free Resistive Exercise Band is the best product to fulfil these needs.

Using MoVeS Band for resistive exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band.

Designed in Belgium, Manufactured in Malaysia - producers of the finest rubber.

MoVeS Band Resistance Levels

  • Yellow - Thin
  • Red - Medium
  • Green - Heavy
  • Blue - Extra Heavy
  • Black - Special Heavy
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