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Meglio Latex-Free Resistance Exercise Bands 46M

Meglio Latex-Free Resistance Exercise Bands 46M


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The list of possible moves you can do with these bands is endless. With some gentle movement over time, users report improved strength, flexibility, muscle tone and core strength.

There are five different levels ranging from x-light to x-heavy, depending on whether the bands are being used by beginners or intermediates, for rehabilitation or training.

Meglio supply the NHS with thousands of these resistance band rolls every year, as they selected Meglio to be an official supplier based on the product’s quality, durability and safety. Latex-free and powderless, they’re suitable for super sensitive skin and they won’t snap mid-exercise.

Meglio resistance bands can be used as a replacement for free weights providing an alternative and effective training solutions. Meglio bands are Latex-Free, odourless and powder free exercise band, making it the perfect choice. They can be used in variety of sports including Pilates, cycling, football, running and more.

Meglio resistance bands are the leading resistance bands used within the NHS, the band is chosen for its quality, safety and value.

Meglio are committed to using Latex-free materials to ensure a safe experience for all our customers.


  • Extra light (yellow). Resistance level 1lbs - 4lbs
  • Light (red). Resistance level 3lbs - 8lbs
  • Medium (green). Resistance level 6lbs- 12lbs
  • Heavy (blue). Resistance level 9lbs - 15lbs
  • Extra heavy (black). Resistance level 12lbs- 17lbs


  • 46m


  • Yellow 10cm
  • All other colours 15cm

Made from premium TPE material, which is recyclable and re-mouldable.

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