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Chattanooga Intelect Mobile 2 Stim

Chattanooga Intelect Mobile 2 Stim


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Intelect® Mobile 2 Stim - The new generation Chattanooga Intelect 2 Channel Electrotherapy Device.

The Intelect® Mobile 2 Stim is an electrotherapy system used with or without an optional cart, allowing for the inclusion of an optional Vacuum module.

The Intelect Mobile 2 stim has available a selection of widely used waveforms allowing the therapist multiple treatment options, these waveforms are easily selected from the user interface and guidelines as to electrode placement are also given for the selected treatment area.

For Electrotherapy treatments, 5 waveforms are included: Interferential (2 pole and 4 pole), VMS Muscle Stimulation, High Volt, Asymmetric biphasic TENS and Symmetric biphasic TENS.

High resolution 7” capacitive touch screen for access to intuitive user interface and extensive anatomical library.

Suggestions for the placement of electrodes and areas for ultrasound applicator placement are in easy to use and find guidelines.

The touch screen also gives real time information as to the progress of the individual treatment and a summary after treatment ends.

New contemporary ergonomic modern design to fit in any therapy clinic, but versatile enough with the integral option of the battery to make the device simple and convenient to use in the patients own home.

Lightweight device with an ergonomically designed handle and optional integral battery, eliminating the need to carry mains wires on home visits.

Optional custom carry case available for transporting the device safely and securely.

Intelect® Mobile 2 was designed to be compliant with IEC 60601-1-11 and can be used for treatment in the patients own home as well as the therapist clinic, giving flexibility and versatility for both clinician and patient alike.

The Intelect Mobile 2 has built in suggested protocols based on currently available clinical evidence, the user can also write and store custom protocols which can be stored with a specific ID or treatment.

Optional cart with storage drawers ensuring all accessories are convenient and easy to reach from the device, large wheels allow the cart and device to be moved easily around the clinic.

Add in the option of the vacuum unit to allow the use of vacuum in electrotherapy (optional Therapy Cart required for the optional Vacuum module).


  • Intelect Mobile 2 Stim
  • Patient Stim Lead Wires
  • Carbon Rubber Electrodes
  • Self Adhesive Electrodes
  • Chattanooga Straps for Carbon Electrodes
  • UK Mains Cable


  • Compliant with IEC 60601-1-11
  • High resolution 7 Inch touch screen
  • On board memory and software upgrade feature
  • Informative lights around the connection points
  • Evidence Based Suggested Protocol Settings (SPS)
  • 5 Wave Forms For Combo Use Interferential (2-pole and 4-pole), VMS Muscle Stimulation (NMES), High Volt, Asymmetric Biphasic TENS And Symmetric Biphasic TENS
  • Fully Functional 2 Channels Of Stimulation


  • Symptomatic Relief of Chronic Pain (1) (TENS)
  • Management of Post-operative Pain (2) (TENS)
  • Muscle Re-education (3) (NMES)
  • Increasing Local Blood Supply (4) (NMES)
  • Relaxation Of Muscle Spasms (5) (NMES)
  • Maintaining/increasing Range Of Motion (6) (NMES)


  • Input: 100-240V AC, 1.0 to 0.42A, 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Class: Class II
  • Conformity: This device complies with the applicable standards EN/IEC 60601-1 and 60601-1-11, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.601.1, UL Std. No 60601-1
  • Classification according to MDD: Class IIa device 93/42 60601-1
  • Legal manufacturer: DJO France SAS - CE 2797
  • Dimensions: 25.5cm Wide, 35.5cm Deep, 15cm High


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  • (2) Comparison of the Effect of Sensory-Level and Conventional Motor-Level Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulations on Quadriceps Strength After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Randomized Single-Blind Trial. Yoshida Y, Ikuno K, Shomoto K.Dec 2017
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  • Interferential - Traditional 4 Pole - Interferential Current is a medium frequency waveform. Current is distributed through two channels (four electrodes). The currents cross each other in the body at the area requiring treatment. The two currents interfere with each other at this crossing point, resulting in a modulation of the intensity (the current intensity increases and decreases at a regular frequency).
  • Interferential Premodulated - Traditional 2 Pole - Premodulated Current is a medium frequency waveform. Current comes out of one channel (two electrodes). The current intensity is modulated: it increases and decreases at a regular frequency (the Amplitude Modulation Frequency).
  • VMS - VMS NMES is a symmetrical biphasic waveform with a 100 µsec interphase interval. Because the pulse is relatively short, the waveform has a low skin load, making it suitable for applications requiring high intensities, such as in muscle strengthening protocols.
  • TENS Asymmetrical Biphasic - The Asymmetrical Biphasic waveform has a short pulse duration. It is capable of strong stimulation of the nerve fibers in the skin as well as of muscle tissue. This waveform is often used in TENS devices. Because of its short pulse, the patient typically tolerates the current well, even at relatively high intensities.
  • TENS Symmetrical Biphasic - The Symmetrical Biphasic waveform has a short pulse duration and is capable of strong stimulation of nerve fibers in the skin and in muscle. This waveform is often used in portable muscle stimulation units, and some TENS devices.
  • HVPC - The High Voltage Pulsed Current has a very brief pulse duration characterized by two distinct peaks delivered at high voltage. The waveform is monophasic (current flows in one direction only). The high voltage causes a decreased skin resistance making the current comfortable and easy to tolerate.


EME Services Ltd are authorised, qualified service agents for Chattanooga products. Our experienced engineers fully support Chattanooga devices with annual service, calibration, medical safety testing and repairs.

This product is the successor to the Chattanooga Intelect Mobile Stim model 2777.

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