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Aircast Shoulder Cryo/Cuff

Aircast Shoulder Cryo/Cuff

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The Shoulder Cryo/Cuff offers the therapeutic benefits of controlled cold compression to minimise haemarthrosis and swelling and reduce pain. The cuff is anatomically designed to completely fit the ankle to provide maximum cryotherapy.

Size Guide - Torso circumference.

  • Small <86 cm
  • Standard 81 - 122 cm
  • Standard with XL Strap 106 - 137 cm

Cuffs are anatomically designed to cover all major joints of the body.

Cuffs provide maximum coverage for optimum cryotherapy treatment.

Soothing cold covers the affected area reducing swelling and providing pain relief.

Cuffs are simple to apply and remove and may be detached from the cooler at any time for mobility without interruption of treatment.

This product is designed to work with an Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler.

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