Steroplast Steroban-U Foam Underwrap


Steroban-U is a lightweight foam pre-taping underwrap used beneath adhesive tape - protection for the skin.

A thin polyurethane foam which forms a protective layer over the surface of the skin, preventing direct contact with tapes adhesive.

  • Ideal for sportsmen and women who regularly use tapes and strappings
  • Provides additional padding for sensitive skin or swollen areas
  • Equalises the pressure under strappings and casts
  • Helps prevent skin maceration
  • 7cm x 27m roll
  • Using underwrap under a stronger tape helps to protect the skin from chafing, and makes the tape much easier to remove, as some stronger tapes can pull at the hair.

Underwrap is vital when taping animals as adhesive bandages will stick to fur and be painful to remove.

Steroban-U is a popular choice in sport to secure socks and shin pads and in place, or for blister prevention.

One roll of Steroplast Foam Underwrap is 7cm wide and 27 metres long.

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