SIDAS 3Feet Low Insole

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Specifically designed for low arch feet.

For multi-activities and daily life.

Antibacterial bamboo top cover.

Eva base & ECO ortholite layer for cushioning.

Shell Adapted to low-arched feet.

Gel pad for enhanced heel cushioning.

SIDAS 3Feet® Concept

Feet are different by their shape, movement and their pressure, they are:

  • unique (by morphology)
  • complex (your foot has 28 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 27 muscles)
  • sensitive
  • and they are the basis of our body.

There are three different foot types:

  • HIGH - arched feet
  • MEDIUM - arched feet
  • LOW - arched feet

Each foot type having characteristics and needs different : Support, Arch support, Comfort, Stability... The 3Feet construction is suitable for three different types of arch.

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