Shockwave Therapy Training Manual


Chattanooga's Official Shockwave Therapy Training Manual

"Shockwave Therapy In The Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Disorders"

Part of the Chattanooga "Clinical Guidelines in Rehabilitation" series of books

Authored by Cliff Eaton and Jan Vinding
Peer Reviewed by Professor Tim Watson, Farley Brown and Francine Van Steenkiste
Forward by Professor Tim Watson

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Training Manual

After its original introduction in medicine as urological lithotripsy, the shockwave technology has been increasingly applied also to a broad range of pathologies in orthopaedics and rehabilitative medicine. Both radial and focused shockwaves are clinically proven effective for a range of musculoskeletal conditions, as well as for wound and tissue healing and bone repair.

With this Shockwave Therapy Book, we want to offer to the physical therapist clinical guidelines when treating patients with the Chattanooga shockwave equipment.

The first part of the book is dedicated to theoretical, technological and physiological principles. The second part is a "cook book" providing parameter guidelines and illustrations for multiple musculoskeletal indications. The proposed protocols are guidelines, based on research evidence and the authors' clinical experience.

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ISBN Number: 978-0-9561760-4-2

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