MoVeS Paraffin Wax Pearls


2.5Kg of MoVeS Paraffin Wax - suitable for use in the Para Pro Wax Bath.

The Paraffin Wax Pearls have a melting temperature of 52 - 54 °C.

The pearls enable a faster melting process than a block of wax.

Paraffin Specifications:

  • White fully refined paraffin wax, 52/54 DAB
  • Congealing point: 53°C
  • Meets the purity requirements of BGA(1), Ph.Eur.(2) and FDA(3)

(1) Bundesgesundheitsamt recommendation No. XXV B II;
(2) European Pharmacopoeia, current edition;
(3) Food and Drug Administration, § 172.886 Petroleum Wax

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