EMS Physio Varitherm Wax Bath


An established unit used around the world. The Varitherm Wax Bath is efficient, odour-free and heats up to 18kg of wax. It is thermostatically controlled with a safety cut-out in the event of lack of water.

The Varitherm Wax Bath comprises a resin tank which holds the paraffin wax, surrounded by an electrically heated, thermostatically controlled water jacket. The temperature control may be set to maximum in order to provide rapid melting of the solid wax when the unit is first switched on. After almost all of the wax is melted, the temperature control is normally set to approximately 50° C so that the paraffin is just in its molten state. It is advisable to check the actual wax temperature with a suitable thermometer prior to treatment.

Hot Wax therapy is one of several methods available to the therapist of applying heat directly to the surface of the body. Paraffin Wax supplied by EMS Physio melts at between 45° and 47° C. The wax is held at a temperature just above its melting point and the part of the body being treated is either immersed in the molten wax or the wax is poured onto it. Heat is transferred from the wax to the treatment area by thermal conduction.

Technical Specification
  • Power Requirement 200/240 Vac. 3kW
  • Water Capacity 17 litres
  • Dimensions 760 x 410 x 440mm
  • Weight 58kg With Water and Wax
  • Classification Class 1, Type B (EN 60601-1)
Designed and manufactured in the UK

All EMS Physio products are manufactured at Grove Technology Park, ensuring the highest standards of quality are achieved. The company first achieved ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditation in 1995 and continues to deliver the best in product quality. All products are CE marked in accordance with the EU Medical Device Directive.

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