Medical Face Masks

  • Box of 50 disposable 3-ply medical procedure face masks
  • Medical Type IIR complying with EN14683
  • Three layers of non-woven fabric
  • The inner layer is soft to the skin
  • The middle layer is made of melt blown polypropylene fabric treated with electret
  • The outer layer is a waterproof non-woven fabric, resistant to liquid penetration
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops, eliminating ear pressure
  • High filtration capacity
  • Fluid Resistance: 120mmHg
  • Filtration efficiency BFE: ≥98%
  • Filtration efficiency PFE: ≥98%
  • Flame retardancy: Class 1
  • Standard Compliance: EN14683
  • Mask Type: Type IIR
  • CE Marked: Yes

If you work in healthcare or related industries, face masks are essential for keeping both you and the people around you safe. By providing a protective barrier between your mouth, nose and the outside, they filter out potentially harmful particulate and bacterial matter that may have otherwise entered your respiratory system. They are also useful for preventing any harmful contaminants from leaving your system and infecting patients.

Our procedure face masks are designed for medical-grade use. In Europe and the UK, procedure masks are typically rated according to the EN14683 rating system. The procedure masks we have for sale are Type IIR standard, which designates them as ASTM level 3.

Those intended for medical use should be of Type IIR standard, as they have up to 160mmHg of fluid resistance – meaning splashes, sprays and other liquid contaminants from medical procedures will not enter through the mask material. In comparison, a Type II earloop procedure face mask may only protect against small amounts of liquid that come into contact with the mask.

Made with 3 ply non-woven fabric and elastic earloops, our fluid-resistant procedure masks are intended to be disposed of after each use to ensure proper protection for the wearer and patients.

High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency & Flame Resistance

Our procedural earloop masks are constructed with a central layer of polypropylene fabric treated with electret. This allows them to resist incredibly fine bacterial and particulate matter with an efficiency of 98%, allowing you and those around you to stay as safe as possible.

Their construction also allows them to withstand up to 3 second’s direct contact with flames without compromising their effectiveness.

Breathable & Comfortable Earloop Procedure Masks

In addition to being of medical-grade quality, our masks are designed to be comfortable even after extended wear. Soft and comfortable elastic earloops mean our procedural masks fit a wide range of sizes comfortably and securely.

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