Chattanooga Intelect RPW 1 Revision Kit


Revision Kit for the Storz Medical Ballistic Handpiece on the Chattanooga Intelect RPW 1 and the Chattanooga Intelect Mobile RPW Shockwave devices.

The revision kit contains:
2x Projectiles
2x Short Guide Tubes

Not Compatible with Chattanooga Intelect RPW 2 FALCON and Chattanooga Intelect RPW Lite SPARROW.

It is a manufacturer's requirement that the the projectile and the guide tube inside the shockwave's Storz Medical ballistic handpiece is replaced every 1 Million shocks.

The image is for illustration only - This revision kit contains two projectiles and two guide tubes, which fit inside the ballistic handpiece.

We can also supply and fit a revision kit as part of a service visit - please contact us for more details.

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