Chattanooga Intelect Neo


Therapeutic excellence, at the touch of your finger. Chattanooga Intelect Neo is the new standard in physiotherapy electrotherapy modalities. Its intelligent design (the result of over 100,000 hours of intensive R&D) is clever in its features, usability and clinical technology.

Chattanooga Intelect Neo delivers an exceptional patient and therapist experience. Every element of the Intelect Neo has been expertly crafted, empowering the clinician to provide patients with an unsurpassed level of rehabilitation. Build the precise combination for your needs with five slide-in, plug-and-play module options.

Modalities include Ultrasound Therapy, Interferential/Stimulation, EMG Biofeedback, EMG Triggered Stimulation and Laser Therapy. The 10.4" colour touchscreen can be tilted and rotated for the best patient and therapist viewing angle.

Chattanooga Intelect Neo

Intelect Neo offers multimodality with 6 plug-and-play modules. Each unit can be assembled specifically for your customised clinical needs. Your Intelect Neo can also adapt to your future needs by adding additional modules. The plug-and-play modules are easily installed in no time, without worrying about configuration and other settings.

Neo is simple to use and a pleasure to navigate, thanks to the Clinical Protocol Setup™ (CPS), which leads you through the functions of the device and each therapy.

Additionally, Neo offers a stunning anatomic library that illustrates an array of pathologies, making it easier for you to communicate with patients about their condition and educate them on further treatment options.

A completely modular setup allows you to choose among the components that best fit your practice. The unit has an integrated base with discreet, strong handles for carrying. The optional high-quality cart is stable, height-adjustable, moves with ease, and includes three roomy storage drawers with sturdy pull tracks.

The Chattanooga Intelect Neo Base Unit can be placed on a table top, or mounted upon the custom designed Therapy Cart. The Vacuum Module is designed to fit inside the Therapy Cart.

The modality modules are fitted to the rack mount system, inside the Intelect Neo base unit, with the options being:

  • Ultrasound Module
  • Laser Module
  • Channel 1 & 2 Stimulation Module
  • Channel 1 & 2 Stimulation Module with EMG Biofeedback
  • Channel 3 & 4 Stimulation Module

The Channel 1/2 Stimulation Module, and the The Channel 1/2 Stimulation Module with EMG Biofeedback, can not be installed at the same time.

Proudly Made in the USA - Chattanooga Intelect Neo is proudly designed, produced and assembled at DJO Global headquarters in Vista, California.

Intelect Neo comes with a 3 year warranty (probes and accessories 1 year).

Optional Laser Probes (for use with the Laser Module):

200mW 850nm Single Diode

300mW 820nm Single Diode

540mW 9 Diode Cluster (5 x 850nm 100mW Lasers, 4 x 670nm 10mW LEDs)

1040mW 9 Diode Cluster (5 x 850nm 200mW Lasers, 4 x 670nm 10mW LEDs)

415mW 13 Diode Cluster (3 x 850nm 100mW Lasers, 7 x 670nm 10mW LEDs, 3 x 950nm 15mW LEDs)

715mW 13 Diode Cluster (3 x 850nm 200mW Lasers, 7 x 670nm 10mW LEDs, 3 x 950nm 15mW LEDs)

940mW 33 Diode Cluster (5 x 850nm 100mW Lasers, 12 x 670nm 10mW LEDs, 8 x 880nm 25mW LEDs, 8 x 950nm 15mW LEDs)

1440mW 33 Diode Cluster (5 x 850nm 200mW Lasers, 12 x 670nm 10mW LEDs, 8 x 880nm 25mW LEDs, 8 x 950nm 15mW LEDs)

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