1 Litre Ultrasound Gel (Latex Free)


Vue Ultrasound Gel is a medical device specifically formulated for use during medical ultrasound procedures.

These 1 litre canisters of ultrasound gel are ideal for use in a busy healthcare setting, especially clinics with multiple treatment rooms - you can put one bottle in each room.

Non-sterile ultrasound gel is suitable for use during low risk, general examinations on intact skin.

Non-sterile ultrasound gel should be used for external examinations only and is not suitable for use on immunocompromised, neonatal, or critically ill hospitalised patients.

Why choose Vue Ultrasound Gel?

  • Classified as a Medical Device.
  • Developed specifically for use during ultrasound procedures to have the ideal viscosity.
  • Suitable for external ultrasound procedures.
  • Water-soluble and non-sticky formulation.
  • Won’t stain or damage skin, clothing or medical equipment.
  • Latex free.
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